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Penis Advantage Honest Review – Pros and Cons

Penis Advantage Honest Review – Pros and Cons

Penis Advantage (available at www.penisadvantage.com) is a program that claims to be able to naturally and safely add between one and four inches to the size of the user’s penis in a matter of weeks. They say that they can do this without the use of pumps, pills, weights, or surgery, and that the results have been proven by the thousands of men who have reported positive results.

Besides greater length, the creators also promise increased girth, more powerful erections, a cure for impotence, the ability to have multiple orgasms, correct curvatures in the base of the penis, and to give you better stamina. With such incredible results claimed I honestly expected some kind of disclaimer stating that the results were not guaranteed, but have been unable to find one. This is something truly unique to penis enhancement programs I have found, and I assume must be due in part to the fact that as a natural product there are fewer risks involved than with capsules or surgeries.

Purchasing The Program

Penis Advantage isn’t quite like other websites offering male enhancement, as there is nothing to send the user. Instead, you are paying for access to their various exercises, tips, stretches, and support system. You order through their main website, as it is not sold anywhere else. After paying the one time fee, you are given instant access to their online information, which gives you everything you need directly online. As a member of Clickbank they take all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

How It Works

According to the site, the Penis Advantage system uses exercises to target three specific parts of the penis. These parts are the Corpora Cavernosa (the two larger chambers in the top of the penis), and the Corpus Spongiosum (the smaller chamber along the bottom of the penis). The workouts increase the amount of blood that can be contained within the chambers at any given time, make the erection bigger, as well as harder.

They also claim that through these exercises the muscles that control orgasm will also be effected, therefore increasing the frequency and duration of your erections.

Actual Test

Let’s face it, the idea that anyone can add four inches to their penis size is a little absurd. This claim seems to be based off of a few extreme cases, and is more for marketing purposes than to report actual results. In fact, according to the tests that have been run, the results of Penis Advantage are more along the lines of an inch and a half to two inches for those who have are on the average side to begin with.

But the results will often depend on the individual themselves as well, and there are some factors that will help determine what you see.

  • The size you are starting with makes a big difference. If you are already at 6.5 inches, you should expect only 1.5 to 2 inches of gain over the coming few days to weeks.
  • The amount of time you do these exercises will dictate the results you see. If you buy the program but only use it for a week, don’t expect miracles.
  • If you have problems with impotence you will probably see your sex life become average to slightly above average.

Key Observations


  • There are plenty of testimonials to back their claims.
  • There is a scientific explanation behind their system.
  • They offer an 8-week money back guarantee.
  • They don’t use any weights, pills, or dangerous surgeries for enhancement.


  • Most men will probably see closer to a 1 – 2 inch increase in size, rather than a 4 inch.
  • If you have medical problems that cause erectile dysfunction of a smaller penis, Penis Advantage will not work.

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